House Washing

Why Would I Wash My Home?

If you take pride in having a clean and neat home, no matter if the kind of siding you have is made of aluminum, vinyl, brick, wood, or concrete (Hardie plank), be prepared to devote some major effort and time. The old method was to use water with soap and a stiff bristle brush attached to the end of a pole. And then scrubbing it downward, and rinsing it off with water.  Or another way was to hit the siding with a pressure of high-velocity water blowing the dirt off.  This continually caused damage and I’m shocked company’s today still do it. We, offer a method referred to as Soft Washing, It is an eco-friendly chemically based process, that uses little to no pressure at all.

Soft Washing has replaced the old Pressure washing method.  Instead of blasting the dirt off, we simply lather up your house with our cleanser.  The same as shampooing your hair.  A nice gentle lather dwells for approximately 10-15 minutes breaking all the mildew, algae, dirt, and grime away. We then come behind with low pressure filtered water and rinse the cleanser off. Your House will shine as if it was freshly painted.

Why is this method so important to you the home owner? Most traditional methods use a pressure washing machine and just blast the dirt off the surface.  The harder the better.  The problem with this method is exactly what you’re thinking.  High pressure can cause significant damage.  Our low-pressure method also known as Soft Washing avoids these concerns as the pressure is equivalent to your garden hose. You would think all Exterior Cleaning Company’s in the upstate would use this safer method but most companies don’t have the inclination to grow with their trade.