Why Hydro Wash?

  • Experience. As Members of the UAMCC and PWRA, we both learn and teach state of the art techniques to clean just about anything. So rest assured when we show up to your house or property it will be done right, the first time!
  • Equipment. You don’t want your neighborhood kid washing your property for several reasons, but one important reason is because he doesn’t have the proper pressure washing equipment to ensure the job the will be done the right way!
  • Soft Washing. This is relatively new to the industry, but it is now the safest way to clean and when you’re dealing with big assets you don’t want to be taking chances!
  • Insured. This one is pretty simple but extremely important. Although we take many precautions accidents do happen. In the scenario something was to happen, you would want the company you hired to be insured!
  • Customer Service. We take our business seriously and we make sure our employees behave in the same manner. You will be greeted in a friendly way and our technicians will be able to answer any questions you have!



The Fastest Growing Pressure Washing Company in Greenville For a reason!

We may not be the oldest company in Greenville SC, but we are the fastest growing company! Our company is able to grow at the rate that it is because of dedicated owners & employees. We provide an exceptional service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Using our state of the art equipment we are able to clean properties much faster than traditional companies while maintaining a very high level of satisfaction from our customers. Which is why 90% of our business is from either repeat customers or referrals from our existing customers. Give us a call today 864-214-6360